What do I get ?

Tweet Payout:

100-250 followers 50 EPRIME
250-500 followers 100 EPRIME
500-1000 followers 150 EPRIME
1000-2000 followers 250 EPRIME
2000-4000 followers 350 EPRIME
+50 EPRIMEwith every 2000 followers onwards.

Extra bounty:

You can get extra EPRIMEeach week by leaving your tweet pinned!

100-250 followers 100 EPRIME/week
250-500 followers 150 EPRIME/week
500-1000 followers 200 EPRIME/week
1000-2000 followers 250 EPRIME/week
2000+ followers 350 EPRIME/week

Rules, Terms Conditions:

1. Follow @EthereumPrime https://twitter.com/EthereumPrime

2. Tweet this:

EthereumPrime Token – The Future of Tomorrow! https://ethereumprime.info Airdrop will end on the November 10th #cryptocurrency #airdrop $ETHP

3. Include the image in the tweet:

4. Extra: Pin the tweet to your profile page.


One tweet per account.

Social accounts with fake followers will not be accepted.

Twitter account must have up to 100 Followers to be eligble for payment

-Tweet payout will be paid on 13th Nov
-Extra bounty will be paid once per month